About The Jet Age Nation Builders

Who we are?

The Jet Age Nation Builders – also known as the JANB is a Continental Organization founded in 2015 to promote Continental advancement, peace, security, industrialization, partnership/collaboration, the free trade zone, and cooperation among countries of Africa. The Jet Age comprises of independent organizations and member States/investors from all over the world.

The Jet Age Nation Builders or JANB has its headquarters in Nigeria.

The major objectives of the JANB are as follows:

  • To bridge the gaps between governments in Africa and the people.
  • To Promote peace in troubled regions in Africa.
  • To encourage youths in policy making through dialogue.
  • To support and to work closely with governments in Africa..
  • To promote the industrialization of the African continent.
  • To promote economic development and an investment-enabling environment in Africa.

What we do

JANB mission focuses on empowerment and sustainable development to create the environment for Nation building and a continent that would be of interest to every one of us through her initiatives across Nations.

  • Drawing thousands of the world’s best young leaders together to learn to work in synergy for the birth of a peaceful and developing world.
  • Drawing thousands of the world’s technology leaders together to learn and brainstorm on innovation, artificial intelligence and what have you.
  • Building a continent that should be of interest to everyone of us, through collaboration, sustainable mobilization, Solution and innovation.
  • Connect with government, professionals, institutions, humanitarian, and philanthropists.
  • Jet Age Nation Builders across Nations.
  • All our conferences, summit and awards/dinner nights afford the luxury of connecting with professionals in different worlds of life.
  • We agitate for all-inclusiveness, gender balance.
  • We educate/create awareness on climate change and work with organizations on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Our aim is to eradicate extreme poverty in nations in Africa through food security and going green.

JANB has community leaders, organizations and volunteers that represent them all over Africa.

Our Skills

Nation Building 94% 94%
Networking and connectivity 85% 85%
Publicity and assistance 74% 74%
International Events 65% 65%
Visionary Speakers
Coffee Cups
Satisfied Customers

The Africa we yearn for is inside of us

JET AGE NATION BUILDERS takes synergy with other like minded ones seriously because we know we cannot do THE WORK ALONE.

Why Join JANB?

We focus on catching and coaching young Africans from communities for NATIONAL and CONTINENTAL advancement. We educate, advocate, orientate, equip and empower them for nation building… because our commitment is to build the people that will sustain and build the continent the world admires.

Innovate Ideas

THE AIM is to motivate, encourage and make known globally outstanding individuals, organizations, pace setters, goal getters, young political achievers, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) champions, entrepreneurs, innovators, professionals and other distinguished achievers across developing regions.

We think yes!

JANB is about ideas and commitment. Its about putting technology at the centre of Africa's socio-economic development. Building it involves connectivity, Smart Cities, Smart Villages, big data, IoT, emerging technologies and also brings to the fore aspects of data protection and policy harmonization.


Me, you and we must do it right. If we do, you do, and I do, Africa is changed.

The new Era of Nation Building

There are several benefits of being a Member of Jet Age Nation Builders...