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We think yes! Jet Age is about ideas and commitment. Its about putting technology at the centre of Africa's socio-economic development.

Theme: The Future Is Now!

  • Investment Promotion, bridging the funding gap and innovative finance.
  • Partnership & Collaboration with relevant government agencies, organizations and stakeholders.
  • Discussing and identifying the potentials of young executive & innovators as drivers for more business growth, new economy and achieving development goals.
  • Identifying and discussing the problem and importance of free trade zone, block chain and crypto currency in Africa.
  • Addressing industry-based challenges & reviewing new business models (e.g. industry, fin-tech, media disrupt, food security, renewable and green manufacturing.
  • Learning about best practices or disruptive models from experts, fast growing companies & brands new technologies.
  • Discussing business & regulatory policies of the government affecting international trade and ease of doing business for international corporations.

Introduction of Jet Age Nation Builders and partners; Lead Generation Initiative and American International Educational Federation.

At jet age nation builders, we recommend qualified institutions, organizations and individuals to development partners across board to meet their goals for the advancement of our continent.

JET AGE NATION BUILDERS takes synergy with like mind seriously because we know we cannot do THE WORK ALONE. JANB therefore collaborate with Government, NGOs, Investors and The Private Sector to build unique alliance which would foster sustainable development, based traction for core areas such as youth empowerment, gender balance, education, information technology, agriculture, industrialization utilization for development and security, peaceful political engagement, conflict resolution and food security.

Our leading partner in Nigeria, Lead Generation Initiative, is a Non-governmental and Nonpolitical organization committed to creating opportunities for young people to channel their creativity, energy and aspirations towards adding value to their Community, State and West Africa at large.

Who will attend (JANBE)

  • Government Officials /Representatives
  • Special Guest of Honor
  • Youth Organizations
  • African Union Representatives
  • Commonwealth Nations
  • Development Partners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Civil Society
  • Academia
  • Innovators, Accelerators & Incubators
  • Investors
  • Student Representatives
  • Observers

What Happens at (JANBE)?

  • Keynote Talk – Get inspired from today’s trailblazers and Young Influencers.
  • Thematic Discussion – Interact with panels of government/ youth leaders in different areas of interest
  • Empowerment for the best Pitch on Business/innovation.
  • Nation Builders Debate for Secondary and University students.
  • Certification of Youth Delegates
  • Awards ceremony/Dinner.

American International Education Federation, (AMIEF) is one of the leading and independent associations providing accreditation, certifications and training programs across many industry sectors to complement the continuing educational and professional development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies. AMIEF accreditation and certification provides support, advice and recognized independent accreditation compatible with global AMIEF principles. AMIEF developed the original Continuing Education Unit, through being responsible for Planning, Organizing, Controlling, and Coordinating educational processes & procedures in various learning and training sectors across the globe.

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