Our AIM is to eradicate extreme poverty in nations in Africa through food security and going green.

JANB has community leaders, organizations and volunteers that represent them all over Africa.

Benefits of being a Member of Jet Age Nation Builders

  • Publicity and assistance: This is one of the major advantages of being part of the Jet Age Nation Builders. In the event that an organization is having issues with the Government or host community.
  • Economic development of organizations: An organization that is a member of the Jet Age stands to benefit greatly through the JANB partnership with Governments, the African Union and the African Development Bank. They also Assist to secure aids from relevant organizations and advancements. For example, an organization that is part of the JANB can have access to loans from the African Development Bank which can be used as an organization for the overall In job security, human capital development and boost the organization’s economy. The ADB also gives JANB member organizations emergency loans. This is mostly given for humanitarian work.
  • Useful Information: Members has first hand information on the Jet Age Nation Builders events across the globe.
Volunteer Recruitment Form

Volunteer Recruitment Form

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